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Oh, hey there

I’m Leanne, a mom, yoga instructor and creative entrepreneur that’s always looking to make every moment count. I live in the small town of Stouffville, Ontario (just 40 mins from the bustling streets of Toronto). I want to bring you the beauty of my family, yoga practice and creative hacks and moments of life. Check out my yoga practice for busy moms, tips on breathing in gratitude in a life that is chaotic and you don’t remember the last hair wash day.  

Let me tell you,

It’s been a ride. A little over a year ago I transitioned from the high pressured, ridiculous work hours and expectations of corporate life, to running my own creative business, yoga teaching and oh yeah, balancing a house full of boys. 

My passion in life is to find the beauty in every moment, every breath, ever gratitude whether it looks like one or not. Follow my journey of find out where I’m headed next. Friends, let’s take this ride together!

Explore more about me

When I’m not in my home office working on client projects you might find me at the yoga studio. I love making yoga accessible and making the mindful practice accessible to every body.

Movement Practice


Life + Home

Creative life is the best life

Working with my business partner in crime can be difficult when you don’t share an office space but I wouldn’t trade working from home. My home office is a sanctuary and where my creative juices can flow. When I need some inspiration I just head outside. Rusty is a great co worker.

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Instagram, it’s kind of my thing! Follow my journey of movement, family and all things beautiful.

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